Dobby Effect Challenges

Leadership Lessons From Your Dog

Your Challenge

Are you a leader/manager/coach and do you have a faithful four-legged friend by your side? Would you like to work on your leadership skills and challenge your dog more? Could you use a testing framework for your management ideas? Then our Dobby Effect challenges are going to capture you. In just a few hours a week, you’ll have more fun with your dog and learn to use your leadership skills more effectively.


What Dog Research Teaches Leaders

Dobby is a four-legged golden retriever who taught us a lot about leadership skills. If we are not clear or do not engage him, he won’t be responsive to our demands. On the other hand, you could not wish for a more loyal and engaged partner to work with. 

How is that with your team? Are they as responsive to your demands as they want you to believe? Do they feel engaged in their workplace? How could you become more effective in leading them?

There is a whole body of scientific knowledge with lessons on how to become more effective dog trainers (and leaders in the workplace). We will engage you in experiencing what these lessons are and how you, your dog and your company can benefit from them.

Overview of Challenges

Experiment with your dog's tolerance for postponing what they crave—food, toys, your attention, etc. Find out how this improves your leadership skills.
Experiment with your dog's ability to deal with novelty! This way, you foster a CAN do mentality, no matter what obstacle comes their way.
Experiment with your dog's positive attitude. Give them the tools they need to respond in the best way possible without blinking an eye.
Willingness to Experiment
Experiment with what your dog considers new (objects, sights, smells, obstacles). This is a valuable skill in an ever-changing world.
Experiment with your dog's dedication to you or a task, while staying open to instructions and remaining sensitive to the environment.

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