Really great people rarely leave a healthy organization.
- Patrick Lencioni -

Male executive doing yoga in office

Health As a Resource

Health combines the physical capabilities and personal and social resources an individual, team, or organization needs to function well. This makes health a resource that supports:

  • An individual’s contribution to a team
  • A team’s contribution to an organization
  • And an organization’s contribution to its customers and society

We help you as a leader to create a healthy organization that fosters the health of its people and continually delivers value to its customers and society.

Businessman hand pick one of wood block in row with leadership concept

Healthy Leadership

Your challenge as a leader is to find a good balance between structure and autonomy. Structure helps teams to get the job done efficiently. Autonomy helps teams to adapt their approach when circumstances change and structure gets in the way. We help you and your management team(s) to find and hold that balance.

Healthy Environment

As a leader, you shape the environment in which teams realize results. Science has shown that the environment determines over 80% of people’s behavior. We help you to implement the environmental characteristics that contribute to improving team results.

Healthy Habits

Our brains are wired to conserve energy. Consciously planning and executing our every move takes a lot of brain energy. That is why we create habits (unconscious patterns of doing things). If you experience resistance to change, it is more likely that people are exhausted than unwilling. We help you as a leader to find proven habits that support a healthy work environment. And we help you to instate these behaviors in your teams.

Agile Teamwork and Positive Coaching

The best way to organize people is to let them self-organize. The best way to deal with – what seems like – resistance, is not to provoke it in the first place. This is what agile teamwork and positive coaching styles are all about.

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