Swim Lane

Swimmers swimming in the pool

Goal More proactiveness in solving bottlenecks in the working method by providing insight into the work process. This creates a shared image and more support for the agreed way of working. Description With a Swim Lane you visualize your work process with sticky notes. From right to left, put up the process steps starting with the […]

Story Map

Goal Gaining insight into the scope, coherence, completeness and prioritization of customer requirements. To this end, we bring stakeholders and team together to create a shared view and workable phasing in delivering value. Description The team and customer representatives work together to visually categorize the workload and plot it over time. For this purpose, all customer wishes […]

Task Board and Stand-up

Businesspeople planning tasks with sticky notes

Goal Increasing transparency in progress and in the workload for the coming period. Description What is our team working on? Will we finish everything in time? With simple tools such as a task board, a wish list and a daily Stand-up meeting, you lay the foundation for answering these questions. Results Better insight into work in […]

Relative Estimation

Goal More predictability through a shared view of complexity in the workload. Description Your team practices relative treasures using photos of different vehicles. Then they estimate the customer’s wish list with Planning Poker. The team uses these estimates to report its speed of development each period. These estimates and the reported development speed together form […]

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