Dobby Effect

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.
- Orhan Pamuk -

I am Dobby

Hello, I am Dobby, a two-year-old Golden Retriever. Together with my owner, Linda, I train and coach organizations. We help employees, teams, and management deal better with change and continuously improve themselves. We also enjoy working with other dogs and their owners.

I train with Linda as a competitive hunting, sniffing, and tracking dog. We use these skills in our leadership training courses.

My Work


With my owner, I help people become better leaders, coaches, and trainers by letting them experience the Dobby Effect. I help them experiment with positivity coaching, line length, body posture, gestures, and keeping me safe. 

They help me maximize my talents as we work toward a common goal. In our exercises, I get them thinking about the the paralles with leadership practices in their daily work.

The Dobby Effect

We use the Dobby Effect as a metaphor for (personal) leadership. As a participant in our training, you experience the Dobby Effect firsthand and reflect on the parallells to your daily work. Once you get the Dobby Effect, you cannot un-get it. It will stay with you for the rest of your life. If you get stuck, just think about what you would do if Dobby were there, and you will become more effective.

If you want to experience the Dobby Effect for yourself, join one of our short Dobby Effect workshops.

Pick Your Challenge

Are you a leader/manager/coach and do you have a faithful four-legged friend by your side? Would you like to work on your leadership skills and challenge your dog more? Could you use a testing framework for your management ideas? Then our Dobby Effect challenges are going to capture you. In just a few hours a week, you’ll have more fun with your dog and learn to use your leadership skills more effectively.

There is a whole body of scientific knowledge with lessons on how to become more effective dog trainers (and leaders in the workplace). We will engage you in experiencing what these lessons are and how you, your dog and your company can benefit from them.

Experiment with your dog's tolerance for postponing what they crave—food, toys, your attention, etc. Find out how this improves your leadership skills.
Experiment with your dog's ability to deal with novelty! This way, you foster a CAN do mentality, no matter what obstacle comes their way.
Experiment with your dog's positive attitude. Give them the tools they need to respond in the best way possible without blinking an eye.
Willingness to Experiment
Experiment with what your dog considers new (objects, sights, smells, obstacles). This is a valuable skill in an ever-changing world.
Experiment with your dog's dedication to you or a task, while staying open to instructions and remaining sensitive to the environment.

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