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Distributed decision-making is the key to scaling

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Just Imagine...

Wouldn't it be great if your organization could flexibly anticipate market needs? If innovation was part of the DNA of your departments? What if  support came up with actionable solutions before people in the line had a clear understanding of the need? If teams would come together to manage dependencies, solve bottlenecks, and combat risks? This is what you are aiming for when you start working with SAFe®.
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Collaborating Teams

Using Agile and Scrum in teamwork is becoming increasingly widespread. Teams organize themselves and are able to adapt flexibly to the wishes of their customer. But what if you are in an organization in which development initiatives of eight or more teams on one product or service are no exception. What if there is a clear need for coordination across multiple teams? What if managing a broad portfolio of change initiatives presents challenges? Then the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) offers a nice toolbox to tackle those challenges.

Basic Information


In open training, we take care of everything. In-company, you arrange an inquisitive group, a room, and refreshments (if live). We provide interactive, educational training.

Target Audience

Anyone who is or will be involved in large-scale Lean-Agile/Scrum development with SAFe®. For example; Line managers, project managers, program managers, directors, business representatives, and product owners.


These prices are per participant, excl. VAT.
For in-company group training courses, we charge € 4500 base price + € 300 per participant (max.12).


Plan In-Company Training

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