Diversity & Inclusion Compass

Two Noses in the Same Direction is a Waste

Unity in diversity


The Diversity and Inclusion Compass helps you open up the conversation on creating a more inspiring workplace for everyone. This technique aims to increase awareness and understanding around the issues of diversity, inclusion and psychological safety within a team or organization. The goal is to encourage participants to reflect on how these aspects are currently perceived and managed, and to identify concrete steps for improvement.


During the exercise, participants stand around a floor sheet on which 15 aspects of diversity, inclusion and psychological safety are plotted in a circle with a spider web pattern. Each aspect is linked to a scale from 1 to 5, which allows participants to visually assess the current state of each aspect within their team or organization. By asking questions about each aspect, participants are encouraged to move to the relevant part of the floor sheet and share their thoughts and experiences.



We’ve all experienced times when the voice in our head tells us to stay silent when we’ve seen or have been subjected to non-inclusive behavior. Instead of listening to that little voice, it’s time to find yours and use it to #SpeakUpForInclusion.


We all have blinders. We can only see things from our own perspective. But when we come together with a common cause or a shared vision, our view broadens and we’re able to recognize things that we never could’ve seen on our own. That’s why the best companies are diverse: they have diverse thinking

To Work

Here are some questions you can use, standing around the Diversity and Inclusion floor sheet:


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