Priority Matrix

Sticky notes on an office wall

Goal Create a shared understanding of priorities on upcoming work, to optimize the value you deliver. Description Collaboratively ordering work items visualy, together with your stakeholders creates a common understanding of the rationale behind the resulting order. Results More focus on customer value More commitment on priorities Better-founded scope discussions Videos Impact/Effort Matrix (EN) Dave […]

Impact Map

Water drop and splash close up

Goal Collaboratively build a shared understanding of the way we plan to achieve a goal and our assumptions that guide that plan. This creates a shared basis for testing our assumptions and prioritizing our activities. Description For just about any goal you want to achieve in an organization, people have to change their behavior. You […]

Focus Exercise

Man runner crossing finish line in a race competition in nature

Goal More focus on value-creating activities and reducing task switching. Description As a team, you select the customer wishes to work on for the upcoming period. “This must be doable,” you think. Reality often turns out to be more unruly. All kinds of urgent matters come in between, and you seem to spend more time […]

Empathy Map

customers and waiter with notepad or restaurant

Goal Collaboratively build a shared understanding of a target group for your product or service. Description We are working hard to develop new features, products or services, but does this make our customer happy? Have we looked into his head enough to see where the real pain or needs lie? Only when we have a […]

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