Why With Us

I'm starting with the man in the mirror
- Michael Jackson -

Linda-en-Remi-Armand op Zakynthos

Our Belief

We know, change will only happen when teams see the usefulness to them. If it solves a problem or brings a real benefit, that ways up to the effort. This is why our certified team coaches, organization guides, and trainers connect to your people. We use experience exercises and interaction to challenge existing mental models. We see methods and frameworks, not as bibles, but as toolboxes. Together, we pick the tools that are most useful to solve a present tension.

At Connective Partners, we believe that all the capacity to make your organization exceptional is already present in your people. Our job is to bring out their wisdom and creativity to make it happen.

Our Dream

Our dream is to spark curiosity and enthusiasm in your workforce. We love to create healthy working environments in which teams take ownership over their way of working and remove impediments that hinder them.

Why? Because an engaged, self-organizing workforce is better able to deal with a changing world with ever-growing challenges to be conquered.

Our Coaches and Trainers


Linda Dorlandt


Remi-Armand Collaris

Foto Karen - uitsnede

Karen De Boeck​


Evelien Top​

Plan a Coaching Session

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