Building an organization is a journey, not a destination.
- Linda and Remi-Armand -

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Develop Your Coaching Skills

Fostering inspiring collaborations is a continuous learning journey. Most learning takes place on-the-job, while you are busy solving problems and improving your work life.

We support you in this process by providing personal coaching, guiding (management) teams, and providing open and in-company training courses. Throughout your journey with us, you experience how to engage your teams/organization using Team Learning, Lean-Agile tools, and positive coaching.

How We Learn

Have you ever wondered how people learn? The 70-20-10 Model for Learning and Development breaks down how people learn effectively. It is based on a survey asking executives to self-report how they believed they learned new skills. The respondents reported they learned:

  • 70% from challenging assignments (on-the-job)
  • 20% from developmental relationships (coaching)
  • 10% from courses and training

Although training is an essential starting point for gathering knowledge and gaining insight, you need a substantial follow-up to bring lasting change. That is why we prepare you for the learning journey, not for one particular standardized end-state.

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The Ratio Makes The Mix

Development generally begins with the urge to improve something. This might come from feedback, failing, or not feeling up to a task – in other words, from experience. Still, we need sources of information, proven practices, and guidance to keep from re-inventing the wheel all the time.

This is why we offer a healthy mix of coaching, guidance, and training. And we offer an open set of techniques and learning materials designed for easy on-the-job learning.

Coaching and Training


Are you looking for effective learning initiatives? Is engagement more important to you than bare knowledge. Our experience-based open-roster and in-company programs challenge mental models and move people to take ownership.



Is there something you want to improve in your career as a leader, coach, teacher or infuencer? In one-on-one coaching, we uncover your aspirations. We explore your resources, define doable steps, and support you in realizing them.


Are you looking for a next step in guiding change in your organization? With our materials, you will unlock the wisdom of your teams. They are the basic value-adding building blocks of your organization. Your teams hold the knowledge.

Our Leadership Approach In a Novel

Did you ever wonder why some teams thrive on impediments and others wait helplessly for management to find solutions? The language of leaders plays a vital role in developing self-organizing teams and avoiding taught helplessness.

In this business novel, we show how Marianne – a driven business unit manager – wants to energize her teams. With the help of her coach Lydia, she starts seeing the patterns that frustrate teamwork and learns simple positive communication styles to increase team ownership of the way of working. Using simple exercises and visual techniques, step by step, she tackles the obstacles on her path.

Only read this book if you are prepared to challenge your mental models of leading teams and organizations.

Book on Connective Leadership and self-organizing teams.

Working On Teamwork

Do you want to get more out of the collaboration in your team(s)? Do you want to bring your team(s) into new initiatives virtually as confidently as live? Do you want to cultivate the art of “sitting on your hands” effectively? Do you want to make more of a difference in your organization? Then this book on team learning is going to help you move forward.

In this book, the authors share their passion for creating an environment where people’s talents flourish. The key to success lies in answers that come from the team itself. This is the core of team learning. With a practical 5-step plan and 20 techniques for improving teamwork, you’ll set your team in motion. The team becomes more self-reliant and more actively tackles the obstacles in its way.

Read this book only if you are willing to critically examine your mental models around leading teams and organizations.

Book on teamwork and collaboration with pen and hand graphics.

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