Lean-Agile Engagement Wizard,  
Two-Day Training,
Next Ferbuary 1st 2023

Creating Change Champions

This is teamwork

Just Imagine...

What would you wish for if you could elevate your team coaching skills? Employees who use their knowledge and skills independently. Team members who optimally use each other’s strengths and sportingly absorb each other’s pitfalls. You, finding the right button to push for every change. Teams who seek each other out as powerful allies to achieve results. Teams who make knowledge transfer and professional development part of their daily work. You and your teams could make this all possible. This two-day training offers you the backpack you need to engage your people in change.

Young office workers or students as a team

Engage People

You do this by touching both the mind and the heart. By effectively sitting on your hands. By responding to needs with the right language. By building partnerships. By coloring outside the lines. And by making bottlenecks in knowledge and skills transparent.

In this training, you will learn how NOT to deal with resistance. Tailor your communication to the recipient, use their strengths and help compensate for weaknesses. Promote professional development and knowledge sharing. With this training, your backpack is optimally filled with insights and exercises to move employees more effectively and promote cross-team collaboration.

Basic Info


In open training, we take care of everything. In-company, you arrange an inquisitive group, a room, and refreshments (if live). We provide interactive, educational training.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to engage people. For example: executives, managers, coaches, scrum masters, facilitators, product owners, and HR professionals.


These prices are per participant, excl. VAT.
For in-company group training courses, we charge a base price of € 4600 plus € 200 per participant (max.12).


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