Personality Styles (DISC)

Goal Get a good idea of the diversity and similarities within a team and how you can use this to achieve better collaboration. Both within the team and with stakeholders. Description With some you can always collaborate well, while with others everything you say seems wrong. Why are some colleagues or customers so flexible and […]

Team Development (Tuckman)

Group of young businesspeople sitting on stairs indoors, talking

Goal Improved ability to deal with the challenges of team development in new teams and after a change in composition or assignment. Description Do you recognize this: you come from a smoothly running assignment into a new team. Although the nature of the work has not changed, everything seems much more difficult. How is it that on one […]

Skills Compass

Collaboration and analysis by business people working in office

Goal Collaborate more effectively by stimulating knowledge building, knowledge expansion and knowledge sharing. Description A team performs optimally if it has the right skills in the right distribution. Then nobody will be overloaded and everyone can go on holiday with peace of mind without work coming to a standstill. This technique helps the team to […]

Team Dysfunctions (Lencioni)

Group of young student friends with hands on stack showing international unity.

Goal Increasing the focus on team results by gradually converting our dysfunctions into teamwork competences.   Description Even if we get along well, the collaboration can sometimes cause problems. What is the difference between working together… and collaborating? What can get in the way of a good collaboration and what can we do about it? […]

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