The greatest contribution of a leader is to create other leaders.
- Simon Sinek -

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Inspirational Leadership

Your challenge as a leader is to find a good balance between structure and autonomy. Structure helps teams to get the job done efficiently. Autonomy helps teams to adapt their approach when circumstances change and structure gets in the way. We help you and your management team(s) to find and hold that balance.

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Healthy Environment

As a leader, you shape the environment in which teams realize results. Science has shown that the environment determines over 80% of people’s behavior. We help you to implement the environmental characteristics that contribute to improving team results.

The Power Of Habits

Our brains are wired to conserve energy. Consciously planning and executing our every move takes too much of brain energy. That is why we create habits (unconscious patterns of doing things). If you experience resistance to change, it is more likely that people are exhausted than unwilling. We help you instate proven habits that support a healthy work environment.

Creating a Learning Organization

The best way to organize people is to let them self-organize. The best way to deal with – what seems like – resistance, is not to provoke it in the first place. This is what agile leardership and positive coaching styles are all about. For our coaching, training, techniques and books we drew from many sources. This is a collection of the ones that inspired us most.


Everything you need to get started with the ideas from these books, we made easily available. We created worksheets, which your team can get started with, floor sheets to gain insight and card sets to investigate your team’s situation. Have fun applying them. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Our Approach In A Business Novel

Did you ever wonder why some teams thrive on impediments and others wait helplessly for management to find solutions? The language of leaders plays a vital role in developing self-organizing teams and avoiding taught helplessness.

In this business novel, we show how Marianne – a driven business unit manager – wants to energize her teams. With the help of her coach Lydia, she starts seeing the patterns that frustrate teamwork and learns simple positive communication styles to increase team ownership of the way of working. Using simple exercises and visual techniques, step by step, she tackles the obstacles on her path.

Only read this book if you are prepared to challenge your mental models of leading teams and organizations.

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