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Lead more effectively so that there is more room for innovation. By agreeing on a number of basic values ​​that make up effective leadership according to your management team.


What ensures that teams and departments function optimally? How do you ensure that you work with energy on beautiful solutions? Our Leadership Scan compares a number of leadership characteristics. The Leadership Scan helps management teams to find the right balance between these characteristics and thus achieve more valuable team results.



In this video Simon Sinek talks about the book “Turn The Ship Around” by David Marquet. Here he briefly defines what it takes to be a good leader.

To Work

  1. Place the floorboards with leadership traits on the floor in any order.
  2. Use tallying or dot-voting to indicate how attention is currently being distributed over these characteristics. Each team member distributes five dots to the left of the floorboards. Multiple dots for one success factor is allowed.
  3. Indicate how you would divide the attention between these characteristics to achieve better results. Each team member again distributes five dots, but this time on the right side of the floorboards.
  4. Rearrange the floorboards according to the Leadership Manifesto. Now add up the scores per column. Discuss the difference between the current and desired situation with each other.
  5. What will you do to lead more effectively? Together, determine two or three improvement actions for the coming period.


You find find more on improving teamwork in our book Connective Teamwork (EN, NL). The book helps you set your team in motion with a practical 5-step plan and 20 teamwork techniques.

You can learn more about and practice techniques for improving teamwork in our Connective Team Coach Training Course.

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