Fishbone Analysis


Goal Collaboratively finding the root causes of a problem and experiment with ways to tackle them. Description Do you feel like you are constantly firefighting? Does this put a heavy stamp on both results and quality? Do these quality problems regularly cause disruptions? Does Murphy come by way more often than you’d like? Then it […]


Putting garbage into the bag

Goal More focus on activities that deliver observable value for the customer. Seeing waste and eliminating it or spending less time on it leaves more time for delivering customer value. Description Why do we do things the way we do them? Often because we’ve always done them that way. People are creatures of habit. Nevertheless, […]

Meeting Scan

Businesswomen Interacting With Their Colleague

Goal The aim of the method below is to get more value out of the time you spend in meetings. By agreeing on a number of basic values ​​that according to your team an effective meeting meets, you will come out of meetings with a better feeling. Description What makes you experience a meeting as valuable? How […]


Engine inspection

Goal Structural improvement of the team’s way of working by regularly taking time to inspect and adapt and leveraging the wisdom of the entire team to more effectively deliver value to the customer. Description On a regular basis, you take time to inspect and adapt your way of working. This ensures that you improve as […]

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