Culture Scan

Goal Gaining insight into the current situation and the change needed to solve the current problems and become more effective. Description How far have you progressed as a team? Are you making the right steps toward team learning? This technique helps you to collectively look at your current culture. Understand where the current problems come […]

Delegation Poker

Delegate in conference hall

Goal A shared understanding between leader and team of the division of responsibilities and associated authority. Description What you give away is not lost. Yet, it remains difficult to delegate. How do you ensure that it is clear to everyone which decisions have been delegated and how far the associated responsibility extends? How do you […]

Team Learning

Group of kindergarten kids learning gardening outdoors

Goal Involve the team in pinpointing the next area of improvement. Description Self-reliance and taking a broader view are key to team learning. This technique challenges the team to identify past successes in improving their way of working and trying new experiments from a different angle. Results Increased ownership for the team’s way of working […]

Peer Coaching

Men talking

Goal Increasing self-reliance within the team so that every team member grows. This helps your team achieve better results. Description Wouldn’t it be nice if every employee in a team was coached to realize his/her personal goals? Unfortunately, you do not have the luxury to use professional coaching in every environment. If not, you can […]

Engagement Compass

Happy successful business team giving a high fives gesture as they laugh and cheer their success

Goal Measure to what extent team members experience management interventions as helpful, so they increase engagement. Description This technique helps you as a manager to gain insight into how interventions from you and the rest of the organization are received by your team. You can even assess them before execution to improve their impact. Results […]

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