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Realize what you stand for as a team and accept the associated inconveniences.


ACT (pronounced like the English word act) stands for “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training”. It is a collection of coaching techniques that help you do what you have to do to be who you want to be and make room for the associated inconveniences.



What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy? - The ACT Matrix (EN)

What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy? In this video Ian Tomlinson explains what ACT is, why we get stuck and how ACT can help.

To Work

The ACT Team Matrix is ​​a visualization in which several ideas from ACT come together. It is based on the book The ACT Matrix by Kevin Polk and Benjamin Schoendorff (EN). We developed a dialogue sheet to guide teams through the steps of this technique.

  1. Place the dialogue worksheet on a table for the team members to sit around. At step 1 place the manual for working with a worksheet. Make sure each team member has a marker.
  2. Read the manual working with a worksheet if you have not worked with a worksheet before.
  3. Go through the worksheet step by step, with the team members taking turns reading and facilitating a step.


You find a description of this technique in section 4 Transparency: I Spy, With My Little Eye… of our book Connective Leadership (EN, NL, DE). The book helps you set your team in motion with simple visualizations and communication techniques.

You can learn more about and practice this technique in our Connective Team Coach Training Course.

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