Lean Streamlining Wizard, Two-Day Training, In-company

Pizza delivery service

Just Imagine… What would you wish for if you could grant your customer’s every wish? If your employees were solely focused on adding value to your products. If departments would eagerly participate in streamlining the whole value chain. If teams made knowledge transfer and professional development part of their daily work. You and your teams […]

Virtual/Hybrid Meetings and Collaboration, 1 Day Training

Explaining online data

Just Imagine… Wouldn’t it be great if it doesn’t matter whether you join from home or the office? If meetings, live and virtual, give energy and lead to clear results? If everyone knows what we are working on so we can help each other (also remotely)? If everyone feels involved in what we contribute, no […]

Lean-Agile Aspiration Wizard,  Two-Day Training,  Next March 14th 2023

They inspire each other

Just Imagine… What would you wish for if you could improve your leadership skills? More engaged team members who enjoy their work. Clearer team goals that your team(s) collaborate(s) on. More proactiveness in solving structural problems to create more room for what really matters. A joint effort with your teams to create the environment to […]

Lean-Agile Team Wizard,  Two-Day Training,  Next February 19th 2024

Group of young businesspeople sitting on stairs indoors, talking

Just Imagine… What would you wish for if you could improve your leadership skills? Team members ask each other for help and help each other get things done before starting something new. Teams who take up new work items quickly and predictably. Who proactively remove obstacles. Team members who only come to you – their […]

Lean-Agile Engagement Wizard,  
Two-Day Training,
Next Ferbuary 1st 2023

This is teamwork

Just Imagine… What would you wish for if you could elevate your team coaching skills? Employees who use their knowledge and skills independently. Team members who optimally use each other’s strengths and sportingly absorb each other’s pitfalls. You, finding the right button to push for every change. Teams who seek each other out as powerful allies to achieve results. […]

Connective Team Coach, Six-Day Training Course, Next February 1st 2024

Just Imagine… Isn’t it nice if your team members are optimally attuned to each other? When they ask each other for help and collaborate to get things done before starting something new. If they proactively remove obstacles in their way and take ownership over their way of working. That you as a manager, coach, scrum […]

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