Diversity & Inclusion Compass

Unity in diversity

Goal The Diversity and Inclusion Compass helps you open up the conversation on creating a more inspiring workplace for everyone. Description Under Way Results Under Way Under Way Text Text Videos Under Way Text Title Text To Work Under Way Step Step Text Source You find more team techniques in our book Connective Teamwork. The book […]

Polarity Map

Diverse male coworkers opponents arm wrestling at group office team meeting.

Goal A Polarity Mapping session helps teams the complexities that they are dealing with. It helps them find the (seemingly) opposing strategies that together, if managed well, could effectively solve their problems. Description Conducting a Polarity Mapping session involves in-depth discussions with stakeholders representing all viewpoints concerning the issues to be solved. Results Improved insights […]

Sustainability Scan

Small boy collecting cherry tomatoes outdoors in garden, sustainable lifestyle concept

Goal The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development put forward by the United Nations in 2015 provides a global blueprint for dignity, peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future. Description With this technique, you get to know the targets behind the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and apply them to your […]

Team Values

Goal The aim of this technique is to focus more deliberately on shared values. Description The team uses an analysis of current behavior to determine which values ​​receive the most attention. Then they look at which values ​​they find valuable in the future and how they will translate this into new behavior. Results Behavior more […]


Yacht sail cruise aerial. Sailboat reflect at ocean bay. Mountain coast of Brodick, Arran island

Goal Shared view of the team goal and the way to get there. Description This dialogue worksheet helps a team visualize their vision of the ideal future and the way to get there. Results Better allignment More collaboration in achieving goals More fun at work More proactive problem solving Videos The Sailboat Exercise (EN) Noodles […]

Value Stream Map

Woman patient waiting at hospital Doctors Waiting Room

Goal Visually map the process together to gain insight into which steps in the process deliver the most customer value. Description The Value Stream Map is a widely used tool from Lean to provide insight into bottlenecks in a production process (from idea to income). In a Value Stream Map you collaborate with your team […]


Elephant and buddist monch in Thailand

Goal Getting people involved in major change processes without using power. Description The Switch change model offers 9 strategies to change human behavior without using power. How do you get your target group (team, department, organization, country) involved in the next step(s) in a change. Results Less analysis paralysis More intrinsic motivation More support for […]

ACT Team Matrix

Child having fun in summer.

Goal Realize what you stand for as a team and accept the associated inconveniences. Description ACT (pronounced like the English word act) stands for “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training”. It is a collection of coaching techniques that help you do what you have to do to be who you want to be and make room for […]

Agile Scan

Surfer On Blue Ocean Wave

Goal Support a discussion about the effectiveness of your teamwork and the values of your team and organization. Description Based on a set of success factors (from the Agile Manifesto), the team determines which ones receive the most attention now and which ones they personally feel are important to improve team effectiveness. The difference between […]

Leadership Scan

Girl with text Future Leader on T-shirt

Goal Lead more effectively so that there is more room for innovation. By agreeing on a number of basic values ​​that make up effective leadership according to your management team. Description What ensures that teams and departments function optimally? How do you ensure that you work with energy on beautiful solutions? Our Leadership Scan compares […]

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